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TymNet, the network solution that connects all the dots.

We are specialised in temporary network solutions for events and permanent or semi-permanent installations for event location

Scalable and Modular

Your personal TymNet is scalable up/down and entirely modular. It grows according to your needs.

Fast and easy set-up

A simplified network with less cables and less programming. Spend less time and less budget on installation.

Safe and Reliable

When the pressure rises. You and your guests always enjoy a safe and stable connection that won't let you down.


A flexible and fast set-up for all your operational communications. All the on-going operations can work together on a highly secured network without ever interfering.
Even in the most remote locations we provide a reliable (wireless) network either through fiber, 4G or by integrating both.
Mobile offices for your staff and suppliers with a safe connection to their firm’s server enables them to work as if they would in their own office. This is also a perfect solution for press rooms.
Send out sound, light and video signals To and from wherever you want, within or outside the internal network. With our 4K Encoder you can send live video feeds with a 17ms latency (invisible to the human eye). Check out all our solutions and ask for a demo on avnetwork.eu


When it's a matter of seconds you can rely on your TymNet-network. For safety communications and signage where timing is crucial, TymNet delegates and responds according to priority.
You can choose to use our intercom system powered by Greengo or to use the TymNet-network to run your own communication system.
Even when the density increases, CPOPS and security staff are prioritized on a separate network and they will always enjoy a stable and fast network connection.
Real-time information and High-Quality transmission for your digital signage and other smart devices.


Boost your event with our innovative solutions. Before, during and after the event, onsite and online we provide several services to improve the interactions with your visitors.
Share live footage of your event on YouTube, on Facebook or on your corporate website to increase your online interactions far beyond the geographic frontiers of your event.
Visitors share posts and pictures during the event and tell you what they care about and what they want. You use the social wall to communicate with your audience, to launch a promotion, special thanks to a sponsor or to tell them where to get free water.
For conferences we offer our own live-poll system that enables the audience to answer speakers’ questions and vice versa. It also draws live graphics and issues reports on demand.


Guest-WIFI as marketing tool. Offering guest-WIFI is more than just a nice gesture towards your visitors, if used properly it enables you to get key insights on how to improve your customer experience.
Use the guest-WIFI portal to redirect to your event-page, your sponsor's website or to launch a new product. Try to make it personal so it will stick.
Collect real-time information to analyze trends and online traffic. Always know when to post something and through which channel(s). Timing is everything.
Likes and shares put your event out there and expand the promotion of your event to a vast network of potential visitors. People love to share.

Custom solutions with a smile

Looking for a custom app or another innovative solution? Do you have a creative idea, but you don’t know how to make it work? Our software developers are here to help.

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Successful collaborations

How can we simplify the stream of information at events?

At TymNet, we believe that technology should adapt to people and not the other way around. That’s why we designed TymNet to be easy to set up, easy to use and highly adaptable. We offer solutions both for temporary events and for fixed installations. This includes network solutions for music festivals, conferences, sport-events, theaters, exhibition halls, sport-clubs, night clubs and multipurpose halls.

We simplify your cable infrastructure by creating a stable and reliable network that enhances your current connectivity and explores new implementations for your suppliers, your visitors and your internal staff. Even in the most remote locations and in high density environments we provide a reliable (wireless) network.

What makes us different?

We are event-suppliers and we know the tricks of the trade. Over the past 10 years we have worked for many big events as light and sound operator. These experiences enabled us to include your entire AV-network in our system.

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